– December 5th, 2019 –

Virginia Ungar participated in the round table: “Diversity and plurality” with Ana Sabrosa, president of SBPRJ, Celso Gutfreind, psychoanalyst of SBPdePA, writer and doctor.

Coordinator: Monica Aguiar, Scientific Director SBPRJ

She also participated in the celebration for the 60 years of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of Rio de Janeiro: “Plurality: diversity and psychoanalytic maturity”, where FEPAL gave her an interview, SEE HERE


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“Horizons and borders. Debate Psychoanalysis ”

-28-30 November-

57th Symposium
47th APA Congress
“Horizons and borders. Debate Psychoanalysis ”

We share the activities in which Virginia Ungar participated in this 57th Symposium / 47th APA Congress, where it was possible to reflect very fruitfully about the CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOANALYSIS and the FUTURE OF PSYCHOANALYSIS.

Conversation: “Bisexuality. A baby is born – Identity”
Coordinator / s: Abel Fainstein
Presenter / s: Silvia Flechner
Clinical discussion: Virginia Ungar – Alejandra Marucco – Osvaldo Delgado

Workshop: “Reorganization possibilities during puberty”
Coordinator / s: Virginia Ungar – Leonor Kraviez
Presenter / s: Karina Soldati

Central panel: “Looking to the future psychoanalysis”
Conductor: Abel Fainstein and Claudia Borensztejn
Presenter / s / Participate in Scientific Secretaries and Presidents: Jorge Canteros (former APA Scientific Section), Andrés Rascovsky (former APA President, José Milmaniene (former APA Scientific Section, Adolfo Benjamín (former APA Scientific Section) , Mirta Goldstein (APA Scientific Sec.), Norberto Marucco (former APA Pte., Gustavo Jarast (APA Former Scientific Sec. Leticia Glocer (APA Former Pte., Elizabeth Chapuy (FePAL Scientific Sec., Cristina Fulco (Pte. Of FePAL) and Virginia Ungar (Pte. Of the IPA).

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79th French Language Speaking Analysts Congress

– May 30th to June 2nd, 2019, Paris –

Virginia Ungar was invited to the 79th French Language Speaking Analysts Congress (CPLF) in Paris. She thanks the invitation to this fascinating event on the theme: “Psychic Bisexuality, Sexualities and Genders”. This current subject raises debates not only in the field of Psychoanalysis, but also in many other disciplines, and it has a great impact in Culture. She took part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Congress and congratulated all the organizers and speakers for this interesting event. She also participated in the fruitful Lunch Meeting of the French Speaking Psychoanalytical Societies Presidents.


“El psicoanálisis es la mejor terapia que podemos ofrecer”

Revista “PÚBLICO” / 29-01-2019

La psicoanalista argentina Virginia Ungar es la primera mujer al frente de la Asociación Psicoanalítica Internacional (API), fundada por Freud en 1910 y cuyo primer presidente fue Jung. La semana pasada la organización, con sede en Londres, tuvo una reunión en Portugal, donde se reunió con dos docenas de miembros de su directiva.

Estas reuniones tienen lugar en diferentes partes del mundo, también con el fin de promover el contacto con las sociedades locales, explica la psicoanalista que trabaja con niños y jóvenes y ha dado conferencias en Brasil, lo que se nota por su conocimiento del portugués. Agrega que el API cuenta 13 mil miembros (de Europa a Oceanía) y seis mil candidatos – no es fácil el proceso de admisión, que puede llevar años. La asociación reconoce el trabajo de la Sociedad Portuguesa de Psicoanálisis y del Núcleo Portugués de Psicoanálisis, que también son parte de la API.

Virginia Ungar, que ya ha pasado los 70 años y se enorgullece de continuar en servicio, incluso dio una conferencia en la Universidad ISPA-Instituto Universitario, en Lisboa, donde habló sobre lo femenino, las diferencias entre hombres y mujeres. Este es el tema del próximo congreso internacional, que tendrá lugar en Londres el próximo mes de julio, una “elección de la presidencia”, adelanta.

Leer entrevista entera en español aquí

Leer entrevista entera en portugués aquí

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X Congress APU: “Helplessness”

– August 16th to 18th, 2018 –
X Congress of the Uruguayan Psychoanalytical Association (APU) in Montevideo: “Helplessness”
Dr. Virginia Ungar was invited to speak at the Opening of the Congress along with Susana García (APU’s President) and Clara Uriarte (APU’s Scientific Secretary). She also participated at the panels: “Psychoanalysis, pediatrics and social vulnerability” and “Clinical Psychoanalysis with Adolescents”, and at the workshop “Helplessness and physical pain”.



IPA President promotes collaboration at interdisciplinary roundtable

President of the International Psychoanalytical Association, Virginia Ungar, accepted an invitation from the Association of Argentine Psychiatrists to promote the importance of collaboration between mental health fields during a roundtable meeting at their 33rd Congress.

Joining Helen Herrman, President of the World Psychiatric Association, and Angelina Harari, member of the Brazilian School of Psychoanalysis and President of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, Virginia aimed to establish a common ground for debate and learning amongst professionals of the Mental Health field.

“I hope that my presence at this high-profile roundtable meeting emphasised my proposal to develop a fluid, open dialogue and discussion, as part of the IPA’s IPA In the Community strategy” commented Virginia.
The IPA in the Community strategy was introduced by Virginia in August 2017 in an effort to expand the field of psychoanalysis so that its potential could be unlocked.

“We need to bring psychoanalysis out from the confines of our consulting rooms and societies, and take it to the places where young professionals in related fields are facing the difficult realities of today’s world. The time has come for psychoanalysts to work closely with other mental health professionals and to show how we think about different problems within the mental health field,” Virginia explained.

The roundtable discussion provided an opportunity to explore the positive role that psychoanalysis can play in the training of professionals working in the mental health field. Despite being trained for private practise, psychanalysts have developed a precious and well-tested tool – the analytic method – that can be used in different contexts and with professionals in different fields. Through the psychoanalyst’s capacity to observe and to listen, the field has already had a significant impact in areas such as culture, law, education and paediatrics; a similar impact could also be made in the training of psychiatrists.

“For a professional who is starting to work in the mental health field, having analysis or psychotherapy during their training is helpful in many ways. It can help them to understand their ‘blind spots’, as well as to contain and work through the anxieties that arise through clinical work, for example.

“Conversely, there is no doubt that we can all learn from Psychiatry. I think that what we can learn comes with the capacity to change, to be updated, to preserve the capacity to present and discuss clinical work, and above all, the permanence in public mental health programmes,” concluded Ungar.

The 33rd Argentine Congress of Psychiatry was supported by the International Psychoanalytical Association and took place over the 18th – 21st April, for more information, please visit:

Editors Notes
The International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) is a global community of more than 18,000 professionals working within the field of Psychoanalysis. The IPA is the world’s primary accrediting and regulatory body for the profession and exists to ensure the continued vigour and development of the science of Psychoanalysis.

As a membership organisation, the IPA is led by its members and provides a wide range of activities and services for their benefit.



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Video Celebration APdeBA

Stefano Bolognini: President of IPA International Psichoanalytical Association
Fernando Orduz: President of FEPAL Federación Psicoanalítica de América Latina
Claudio Eizirik: ex President of IPA International Psichoanalytical Association

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IPA Candidate 2017

Virginia Ungar is candidate for IPA President-Elect (period 2017-2021).
Elections are taking place right now by electronic voting, up to May 30.

IPA: Member, Committee of Psychoanalysis of Children and Adolescents (COCAP), 1997-01; Co-Chair for Latin America, COCAP, 2001-05; Member, IPA-IPSO Working Group 2005-07; Member Requirements Board Working Group 2005-07; Chair, COCAP 2005-09; Board Representative for Latin America 2005-09; Board Representative on the Executive Committee 2007-09; Member, Membership of the IPA for Child-Only Trained Analysts Ad Hoc Committee, 2009-11; Member, Clinical Observation and Testing Committee 2009-13; Chair, Integrated Training 2011-present, Consultant COCAP 2009-present; Member, Latin American Editorial Board, IJPA:2009-presentMember, Latin American Editorial Committee IJP, 2009-present.


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